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Call for Papers
The Visual Mind
A Special Issue of Visual Cognition in Honour of Glyn Humphreys
Submission deadline: November 1, 2016

Guest Editor: Christian Olivers
Guest Associate Editors:  Jim Tanaka, Charles Folk, Iain Gilchrist, Dana Samson, Martin Edwards, and Jane Riddoch.

Glyn Humphreys has left a tremendous legacy in the field of visual perception and beyond. Through his enormous creativity, breadth and depth of research, there is virtually no area in vision science that he has not had an impact on, and he will be remembered as probably the most versatile scientist in the field so far. Visual search, spatial vision, perceptual organization, object recognition, semantic processing and categorization, face perception, visual neglect, visual agnosia, perception for action, visual working memory, inhibition and cognitive control, reading, and social vision – and the list is probably still not complete. As the founder and first chief editor of Visual Cognition, he was one of the first to recognize the importance of higher order cognitive processes in vision. He has provided many demonstrations of this himself, such as the crucial role of perceptual grouping by similarity in visual search, the effects of action affordances on object perception, and, most recently, the role of the image of the self on visual selection. Moreover, he combined his vast knowledge base with a wide range of methods, from investigating normal to neuropsychological behavior, and from neuroimaging to computational modeling. Glyn was multidisciplinary avant la lettre.
For these reasons it does not make sense to make this special issue about a specific topic. Instead, it will pay tribute to a very special person. Someone who was able to create a warm, open and vibrant research atmosphere, and inspire many scientists young and old. He truly reached out, not only to other fields, but also to people from upcoming countries, in order to improve science in general.
To honor the contributions of Glyn Humphreys, we invite submissions that are based on, inspired by, or otherwise related to his work. Topics are flexible but should cover higher order processes related to vision, and be demonstrably  linked to Glyn’s work. Naturally, as good science befits, this may also include arguments and evidence against Glyn’s ideas. We foresee that topics may self-organize into various themes, which could include, among other topics:

-          Visual attention (e.g. visual search, visual hemineglect)

-          Object recognition (e.g. viewpoint invariance, categorization, visual agnosia)

-          Perception for action (e.g. affordances, apraxia)

-          Social vision (e.g. perspective taking, self-salience)
Both empirical papers and integrative reviews will be considered. All submissions will undergo normal full peer review, maintaining the same high editorial standards as for regular submissions to Visual Cognition. Manuscripts should be submitted using the electronic submission portal (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/pvis) on or before Nov 1, 2016. Please select the appropriate especial issue as manuscript type when submitting and you should state in a covering letter to the editor that the paper should be considered for the special issue honoring Glyn Humphreys.​ The deadline is firm; our intention is to publish the special issue within nine months after the submission deadline. Revisions invited by the guest editors will be expected within two months of receipt of the editorial decision letter and reviews.

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