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Thanks to all who doodled!

I am pleased to confirm this seminar will take place on Thursday 3rd May. Please put it in your diary.

Details will follow in due course.


From: Hannah Buchanan-Smith
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Cc: Elizabeth Bate (elizabeth at tracksys.co.uk)
Subject: Behavioural Measurement - the 'State of the Art' seminar

Liz Bate from Tracksys has kindly offered to come to give us a seminar and basic training (for free!) on:

Behavioural Measurement - the 'State of the Art'
Dr Elizabeth Bate. Tracksys Ltd.
She would include:
1). FaceReader<http://www.noldus.com/human-behavior-research/products/facereader> - Automatic Emotion Measurement.
2). Eyetracking (mobile<http://eyetracking-glasses.com/> and screen-based<http://www.smivision.com/en/gaze-and-eye-tracking-systems/products/red-red250-red-500.html>).
3) The Observer XT<http://www.noldus.com/human-behavior-research/products/2/the-observer-xt> - Analysing user-defined behaviours (HB-S - we have several Observer licences)
4). Physiological Measurement (heart rate, BP, GSR etc).
5). Video tracking.
Liz says: The need to measure and analyse the complexities of human behaviour in ever more sophisticated ways has led to a huge growth in the number of quantitative and qualitative behavioural measurement tools.
Combining powerful multi-function software with bespoke hardware, a wide range of studies can be conducted quickly, simply and extremely accurately using a single product.
The importance of using several measurement approaches in research has also led to such products becoming fully integrated with one another.
The importance of integrating two or more of the above systems into a multi-modal approach to research will be highlighted.

There are three proposed dates - Monday 30th April, Thursday 3rd May and Friday 4th May.

The Seminar would run from 11-12pm with Observer training from 1-2:30pm.

If you are keen to come, please fill in the Doodle poll so I can schedule her visit on a day that suits us all the best.

Please do so instantly – I only takes 30 seconds! I’m going to get back to Liz with our preferred date at noon on Thursday!


This is a great opportunity for us – and our postgraduate students on most of the MScs, and for PhD students. Please sign up. Further details (date and room location) will follow.

Many thanks, Hannah

Just launched: http://marmosetcare.com/

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