[Face-research-list] Dark Triad faces

Ferenc Kocsor kocsorferenc at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 10:33:55 BST 2019

Dear Colleagues,
We started a cross-cultural research on perception of faces of individuals
high or low on the Dark Triad scales. We would be grateful if you shared
the link on social media or mailing lists. The English version is available


We also have a version in Hebrew. It is extremely difficult for us to
collect a sample of appropriate size, so help from colleagues in Israel are
especially appreciated. You can share this link:


Thanks in advance

*Ferenc Kocsor, PhD*
research associate

Institute of Psychology <Pszichológia Intézet> | Faculty of Humanites
<Bölcsészettudományi Kar> | University of Pécs
| evolutionpsychology.com <evoluciospszichologia.hu>
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