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Peter Hancock p.j.b.hancock at stir.ac.uk
Tue Feb 25 15:45:23 GMT 2014

Announcing the Stirling/ESRC 3D face database.

This new database aims to provide the richest possible set of imagery of the individuals depicted: 3D face scans, stereo images and video, many different photographs with varying viewpoints, lighting and distances and both high and low quality video clips.  There are posed expressions, in 2D and 3D; we also have attempted to induce natural expressions, though we are still editing those videos. We also have tools, developed by Bernie Tiddeman at Aberystwyth, for manipulating images in both 2D and 3D.  The aim is to help people make the transition to 3D imagery and generally facilitate research, but among other things hopefully put an end to the lamentable practice of studying 'face' recognition, when using the same image at study and test.

A strong requirement of using the database is that if you add value to any of the images, e.g. by cropping them, getting ratings or marking them up for morphing, you offer them back to the database.  In that way the database should grow as a resource for the community, as we also continue to add images, including some of the same people months later.

I'm still adding things, so there is much more to come, but there's enough to be worth announcing.

It's hosted at the PICS database, http://pics.stir.ac.uk; the direct link is http://pics.stir.ac.uk/ESRC/

Hope it's useful.


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