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So, when you say "recognize" Jim, what do you mean? In a face memory test? I.e., can I give the subject 1000 faces and then have him or her recognize them?

Or do you mean, how many faces would I find familiar in real life? (and be correct about it?)

I think these are very different questions, and the latter one would be really hard to quantify.


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> Hi -
> I've been looking everywhere and can't seem to find the answer to this simple  question.
> Do you know of any research that addresses the question of  "HOW MANY FACES THE TYPICAL PERSON CAN RECOGNIZE?"  Not identify by name, but recognize.  Bahrick's work examines the durability of face memories over time, but I'm more interested in an estimate of the sheer number.  A cold beverage of your choice to the person that can help.  Thanks.
> Jim Tanaka
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