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zakia hammal zakia_hammal at yahoo.fr
Wed Feb 5 17:30:09 GMT 2014

Hi Jim,

I would be interested too.
Is it possible to have access to your database?

Best regards
Zakia Hammal

Zakia Hammal, PhD
The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Human-Machine Interaction
Facial Expression Recognition
Visual Perception

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 Date: Mercredi 5 février 2014, 17h14
 Hi Natalie,
 We've collected and normed  a fairly large of
 child facial expressions that we currently compiling into
 the "JimStim" database.  The expressions are
 shot in the frontal view.
 I've invited you to a Dropbox where you can
 download the images.  Hope they are helpful to your
 Jim Tanaka
 Co-Director of the Brain and
 Cognition Lab
 Department of
 University of
 Victoria, BC  V8W
 From: Natalie Butcher
 <n.butcher at yorksj.ac.uk>
 Date: Wednesday,
 February 5, 2014 2:57 AM
 To: Face Listserv
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 [Face-research-list] Child facial expression
 Dear All, 
 I am currently running
 student research projects on facial expression recognition.
 The students choose the direction they take that topic in
 and one group is interested in recognition of children’s
 facial expressions. I am struggling to
  find a good database displaying the 6 basic emotions and a
 neutral image. Does anyone have a set of stimuli they can
 share with me? 
 I have looked into the
 DANVA set but the website doesn’t seem to be working
 properly and I have downloaded the Radbound database but the
 images labelled as ‘frontal’ aren’t frontal they are
 all profile views. 
 Many thanks for your
 Best wishes 
 Dr Natalie Butcher 
 Lecturer &
 Co-Director of the
 Cognitive Psychology
 Faculty of Health & Life
 York St John University 
 Lord Mayor’s Walk 
 YO31 7EX 
 Tel: 01904876265 
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