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Karri Gillespie k.y.gillespie at stir.ac.uk
Sat Sep 15 13:22:37 BST 2012

Hello everyone,
                      Hope you are all well.  I am emailing to ask if anyone has or is aware of a face database which contains famous faces showing a variety of emotions that I would be allowed to use.  I am aware of such a famous face database (for example, Lander & Bruce 2004; Lander & Chuang 2004; Lander & Metcalfe 2007) but I am unsure if this database is accessible to others and if the authors allow this. It doesn't matter if the images are coloured or black/white.  It is just for undergraduate dissertations however I will ensure the proper referencing of any databases are of course included.  Any help on this would be much appreciated.  I look forward to any replies.

Kind Regards,

Karri Gillespie-Smith.

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