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Chiara Fiorentini fiorentinichiara at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 18:19:49 GMT 2011

Hi everybody,

I am really glad of this face-list initiative and I will also take a chance
to introduce myself briefly.

My name is Chiara, I have worked on the recognition of emotional facial
expressions since my undergraduate thesis - I am now completing my first
post-doc -, and I am so fond of the topic that I wish to stay in the field
of faces for many more years!

During my PhD I focused on some aspects of the expressions' recognition
ability that can be captured by using naturalistic dynamic displays (i.e.
the existence of a dynamic advantage for facial expressions, or the ability
of the observer to rely on the dynamic invariants of facial expressions).
As a Post-doc at UCL, I am investigating  facial expression recognition as a
part of the Broad Autism Phenotype in Relatives, asking whether subtle
abnormalities in perceiving facial expressions are a shared cognitive
feature in families with children with Autism.

I join the others in hoping that this list can help building "bridges"
between face scientists, allowing us to share knowledge, ideas, and doubts.

A presto,


2011/3/1 Andy Young <andy.young at york.ac.uk>

Hello everyone,
> I just joined this list, and found no messages yet, so thought maybe those
> of us who sign up might introduce ourselves.
> I've been working on faces since 1974, when Hadyn Ellis told me to stop
> messing about with Piagetian psychology and do something more interesting.
>  I reckon that now makes me one of those who has been doing this stuff for
> longer than most, and Hadyn was right -  it has got more and more
> interesting over the years.
> Thanks to Peter for starting this list, which I hope will be very useful
> to us all.
> Cheers,
> Andy Young (sadly, now a misnomer).
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Chiara Fiorentini, PhD
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Behavioral and Brain Sciences Unit
UCL Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street
London WC1N 1EH
+44 (0)20 7905 2394

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