[Face-research-list] hi!

Rachel Robbins dr.r.robbins at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 22:38:58 GMT 2011

Hi everyone,

I think the idea of introductions is a great one. My main interest in
is how face (and object) processing changes with experience but I
study this from a range of perspectives.

My PhD was supervised by Elinor McKone and included a study on dog
experts. I then did a post-doc with Daphne Maurer and Terri Lewis
looking at normal and abnormal developmental changes in face and
object recognition (including studying cataract patients). My second
post-doc was with Max Coltheart and started investigating the relative
importance of heads versus bodies to recognising people. At this point
I also started setting up collaborations with Romina Palermo on
prosopagnosia. I am now a Research Lecturer at the University of
Western Sydney.

Looking forward to more posts,
Rachel Robbins

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