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I should follow Andy promptly as I am one of the more recent recruits to
the field despite having discussed some face research issues with Andy
at Durham many (many) years ago. My interest lies in the
perception-visual working memory interface, and in particular the short
term representation of fine, coordinate or high fidelity, information. A
paper by Scolari, Vogel and Awh prompted my interest in face visual
memory by alluding to tantalising interactions with perceptual
processes. I am not sure those interactions exist but my motivation
continues. I am exploring the perceptual-memory interface within the
context of the other race effect, and with Debbie Riby at Newcastle
University, exploring the overlap of coordinate perceptual processes
with face 2nd order spatial processes within a developmental context.


I also look forward to hearing of the particular research interests of
the face group members.







Dr Colin Hamilton

Room NB129

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Northumbria University

Newcastle upon Tyne



tel +44 (0)191 2273086


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Hello Everyone


I thought Andy's suggest was great, that we introduce ourselves and our
interest in face perception when we join this new list - thanks for
setting it up Peter.



I completed my PhD on face perception in Williams syndrome and Autism in
the Faces Lab at Stirling University in 2007. I was supervised by Vicki
Bruce and Gwyneth Doherty-Sneddon. I then worked with Peter Hancock on
an ESRC grant that we held exploring attention to faces in these two
neuro-developmental disorders.


Since March 2008 (exactly 3 years ago today!!) I have been a Lecturer in
the School of Psychology at Newcastle University.


I am particularly interested in social perception and cognition in
individuals with Williams syndrome and Autism and I have been exploring
aspects of attention (or inattention in some cases) to faces, the use of
typical (or atypical) gaze behaviours and the ability to interpret
social / communicative signals (e.g. expressions of emotion,
trustworthiness, eye gaze shifts). I am just about to start a new
project funded by the British Academy to look at assessments of trust
and approachability for faces in Williams syndrome. 


I look forward to reading about everyone's interests in face perception
on this list.


Best wishes





Dr. Debbie Riby

School of Psychology

Newcastle University

Ridley Building 1

Framlington Place




Direct Line: 0191 222 6557

Web: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/psychology/staff/profile/d.m.riby




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