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Debbie Riby d.m.riby at newcastle.ac.uk
Tue Mar 1 15:31:15 GMT 2011

Hello Everyone

I thought Andy's suggest was great, that we introduce ourselves and our interest in face perception when we join this new list - thanks for setting it up Peter.

I completed my PhD on face perception in Williams syndrome and Autism in the Faces Lab at Stirling University in 2007. I was supervised by Vicki Bruce and Gwyneth Doherty-Sneddon. I then worked with Peter Hancock on an ESRC grant that we held exploring attention to faces in these two neuro-developmental disorders.

Since March 2008 (exactly 3 years ago today!!) I have been a Lecturer in the School of Psychology at Newcastle University.

I am particularly interested in social perception and cognition in individuals with Williams syndrome and Autism and I have been exploring aspects of attention (or inattention in some cases) to faces, the use of typical (or atypical) gaze behaviours and the ability to interpret social / communicative signals (e.g. expressions of emotion, trustworthiness, eye gaze shifts). I am just about to start a new project funded by the British Academy to look at assessments of trust and approachability for faces in Williams syndrome.

I look forward to reading about everyone's interests in face perception on this list.

Best wishes


Dr. Debbie Riby
School of Psychology
Newcastle University
Ridley Building 1
Framlington Place

Direct Line: 0191 222 6557
Web: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/psychology/staff/profile/d.m.riby

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