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Camille FERDENZI Camille.Ferdenzi at unige.ch
Wed Jun 15 17:45:02 BST 2011

Hi Andy,

I am a postdoc at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences at the University of Geneva, working on facial attractiveness and body odor perception. 
I know a French researcher who has worked for years on children's facial expressions (especially in reaction to smells): Robert Soussignan. You can contact him at soussignan at cesg.cnrs.fr, he is in Dijon, France - website : http://www2.dijon.inra.fr/csga/site_fr/vie_scienti_eq7.php. I don't know if he will be able to help because, although he certainly has collected this kind of stimuli, I am not sure he has the parents' consent to use them in other researches... but you can try!
Best wishes,

Camille Ferdenzi, PhD

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Le 15-06-11, Andreas Johnen  <a.johnen at uni-muenster.de> a écrit :
> Hi all,
> first of all a short introduction since this is my first post in this list. My name is Andreas Johnen and I work as a research assistant (PhD Student) at the Institute for Forensic Psychiatry at the LVR Clinics in Essen / Germany. We are currently planning an fMRI study on the neural basis of implicit emotional processing in forensic patients. Ultimately we want to study emotional empathy in delinquents and especially  in convicted child molesters but a paradigm with facial expressions seems like a good start to research group differences in neural emotion processing. Thus, especially emotional processing of children's facial expressions is of interest to us.
> For this aim we are looking for a database (or anything really) that provides facial expressions (preferably the 5 basic emotions, but at least neutral, happy, sad) of children, preferably prepubescent children (age 9-14). The Radboud Face Database provides 9 children models, however these models appear to be either post-pubescent or in puberty.
> Since I already  searched Databases around the web and also in publications unsuccesfully, anything can be helpful. If anyone knows somebody who has studied children's faces and facial expressions in children, differences between processing of children and adult faces, or if you can give me any hint on where to look for or who to contact it is much appreciated.
> Besides that, if anyone is interested in our research, please feel free to contact me for more information, possible cooperations or just simply out of interest.
> Thanks in advance for your input and best regards,
> -Andy
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> Dipl. Psych. Andreas Johnen
> Institut für forensische Psychiatrie/LVR-Klinikum Essen
> Virchowstr. 174, 45147 Essen
> eMail: a.johnen at uni-muenster.de
> Tel: 0201 / 7227103
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