[Face-research-list] Looking for Asian neutral faces stimuli set

Christy Reece christy.reece at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 04:09:17 BST 2011


I'm a psychology research Masters student and I'm looking at
in-group/out-group ratings of faces, which I intend to manipulate through
priming. The group is determined by ethnicity and I will be asking
ethnically Chinese individuals to participate. I have a set of neutral
Chinese faces and I am now looking for a second set of neutral Asian faces
that I can use for comparison.

The second set of faces must be clearly distinct from the Chinese faces, so
my current preference would be for a set of Indian stimuli, however I am
open to using any Asian stimuli set other than faces that are ethnically
Japanese since the face structure is too similar to Chinese.

I would really appreciate some help getting this second set of stimuli. If
anyone one has a stimuli set or knows of one referenced in an article can
you please let me know? Full credit will of course be given to the creator
of the stimuli set.

Thanks and Regards,

Christy Reece
Research Assistant
National University of Singapore
Department of Psychology
ph: 8246 0526

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