[Face-research-list] Prosopagnosia papers

creusot creusot at cs.york.ac.uk
Tue Aug 2 12:21:20 BST 2011


Im a PhD student in computer science working on 3D face landmarking and 
I am looking for scientific articles on prosopagnosia and on the 
difference between face recognition and object recognition in the brain.
This is probably the right mailing-list to ask.
What I am looking for is review articles about research on prosopagnosia 
so that I can redirect my readers (if they are interested) to the whole 
corpus of literature by citing one or two articles.
As it is not my field it is difficult for me to distinguish between the 
good and less good papers on that subject.
I'm sure your expertise can help.
Please contact me if you have some articles to suggest.

Best regards,
Clement Creusot.

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