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Hello, All

This week, we have Zsuzsa Lugosi giving a talk titled "Enhancing zoo education with Virtual Reality".

Here is a blurb to spark your interest:
In 1997 Zoo Atlanta developed an experience that allowed middle schoolers to become gorillas for a short while in a Virtual Reality (VR) experience. At that time, this technology was still in its early stages, but with more widespread commercial use, these experiences can become breath-taking. In a zoo setting, VR experiences could have all the characteristics of a keeper's talk: introducing the species and communicating welfare and conservations messages to the wider public. According to Moss and Esson (2010) visitors spend about a minute to observe animals in an exhibit, and even that minute is dependent on the species, where charismatic or active mammals are highly preferred by visitors.  With a VR experience 3-5 minutes long, animals could get undivided attention from visitors, while the zoo would have the opportunity to send specific messages.
I will conduct a research in Edinburgh Zoo early next year to evaluate whether visitors like this method of education and how it might impact their behaviour regarding the issues raised in the experience. ?

As usual, BERG will start at 5:30pm in the common room - all welcome!

To reiterate Hannah's email from last week, BERG's Christmas party will be on Wednesday 12thDecember in the usual BERG slot at 5.30pm in the common room. We shall ask that everybody brings a little something to the party to share - nibbles, a bottle, or home baking if inclined!?

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???See you soon!

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