[BERG] FW: Registration and call for abstracts: Animal Welfare Across Borders - Hong Kong, 25-26th October 2018

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As UFAW kindly fund our BERG meetings, I agree to share details of their meetings with you - but I fear Hong Kong may be a bit far for most of us.....

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Subject: Registration and call for abstracts: Animal Welfare Across Borders - Hong Kong, 25-26th October 2018

Dear Hannah,

Grateful if you share the folllowing update with your colleagues:

ANIMAL WELFARE ACROSS BORDERS: A meeting to bridge cultural gaps to advance animal welfare worldwide.
Hong Kong, 25 and 26 October 2018

Registration and abstract submissions now open for this meeting.

This two-day meeting endeavours to increase our knowledge of the different ways animal welfare is understood and addressed around the world. The aim is to develop ideas for local animal welfare initiatives, supported by local science projects, in order to progress animal welfare at a global level, while taking cultural and environmental differences and constraints into consideration. In addition, the meeting will attempt to highlight lessons that could be learned by developing and developed countries alike.

Socioeconomics, climate, politics, religious and cultural practices, history, access to technology and availability of veterinary expertise are all factors that affect how people view animals and are reflected in regional differences in how animals are treated. As a result, attitudes of consumers, animal guardians, farmers and politicians to animal welfare are often different between regions. These differences will need to be addressed to efficiently promote animal welfare across the globe. In addition, implications for people and the environment will have to be considered.

Indeed, differences in attitude towards animal welfare raise the question whether, instead of implementing or adapting standards developed for production systems of developed nations, animal welfare could be improved more efficiently by putting it into a local context. Climate and climate change, resource availability, and social and cultural factors can create specific local opportunities and constraints for improving animal welfare.

This meeting will feature the following keynote speakers:
* Dr Judy MacArthur Clark
* Dr Birte Nilsen
* Dr Johnson Chiang

For details on registration and submission of abstracts please visit: http://www.cityu.edu.hk/cvmls/ufaw2018

Many thanks.


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