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Paxton Culpepper p.d.culpepper at stir.ac.uk
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Hello BERG people,

This Wednesday (March 14th) we have PhD Candidate - Juliet Dunstone, giving a talk on her interesting research, entitled:

How do I know, that you know, that you know? Using dual-tasks to investigate metacognitive learning strategies for cumulative cultural evolution.

Cumulative cultural evolution is an apparently human unique ability to change and improve the behaviours or artefacts we use, which leads us to have artefacts and societies that no human could have invented within their lifetime. One current theory about why this ability is unique to humans is that humans are able to use metacognition (knowledge about one's own knowledge) to make effective strategic decisions about what information to use and where to get this information from. However, there is little to no empirical evidence to test this theory. This is partly due to methodological difficulties in testing for metacognition in lab conditions. In this talk I will explain how I am using dual-task methods to try to overcome this methodological issue, and how I chose the particular methods that I am using in current and future testing.

We hope to see you all there at 5:30pm sharp. As usual, drinks and munchies provided.


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