[BERG] This week's BERG: Prof. Christine Caldwell discussing human and nonhuman culture

Donna Kean d.e.kean1 at stir.ac.uk
Mon Oct 9 16:48:19 BST 2017

Dear BERGers,

This week we will have a talk from Prof. Christine Caldwell.

Christine will be repeating a talk given at the inaugural meeting of the Cultural Evolution Society, held last month in Jena, Germany. The talk will discuss experimental approaches to the study of cultural evolution, particularly in relation to understanding differences between human and nonhuman culture.

[cid:image002.jpg at 01D3411E.681C0F10]

Drinks and snacks from 5.30pm in the common room.

We have one BERG slot left for this semester on Wed 22nd November if anyone would like to host a discussion or give a talk. Please use the Doodle poll below if you would like to nab it!


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