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Dear BERGers
Please find attached details of this year’s Scottish Conference on Animal Behaviour (SCAB) on Saturday 28th March in St. Andrews.
I very much hope that there will be good Stirling attendance – speakers and audience.
All details below/on website/facebook page.
Best, Hannah

From: Scab The Conference [mailto:scab.the.conference at gmail.com]
Sent: 20 February 2015 13:41
To: Axel Wiberg
Subject: SCAB 2015

Dear SCAB Attendee,
You're receiving this e-mail because you were on a mailing list for last year's SCAB conference in Edinburgh. Hopefully you will have heard recently about the upcoming SCAB 2015 in St Andrews. We have finally come to a stage where we can start collecting registrations and talk/poster submissions for the upcoming conference at the the end of March (Saturday 28th).
Registration for conferences here at St Andrews is required to go through our Online Shop service. I would therefore direct your attention to the link below where you will be able to pay the registration fee and submit abstracts and titles for your talks. You can also enter dietary information and other essentials.

SCAB website here<http://onlineshop.st-andrews.ac.uk/browse/extra_info.asp?compid=1&modid=1&deptid=7&catid=219&prodid=3945>

You can keep up to date with further developments on Facebook as well, search for "SCAB 2015"

I've also been contacted by Mike Hansell who is compiling a history of the SCAB meetings. He informs me that the first meeting was held in 1976 here in St Andrews. He has asked me to include a call for information from attendees who are willing to contribute.

"SCAB is Forty but has no history! You can help find it.

The first meeting of SCAB was in the University of St Andrews in 1976; so this year’s meeting on 28th March in St Andrews is a historic event. The problem is that SCAB has no history.

The great success of SCAB has been the opportunity it has given to younger researchers to present their work in a critical yet informal environment. It has also given valuable experience to conference organisers, its informal arrangements allowing the meeting to pass annually from one University to the next on a ‘your turn I think’ basis. It travels light, leaving its history behind it. But, I believe that history is important and I am now trying to rescue what I can of it. I plan to lodge this information in the Archive of the University of Glasgow and I am now asking you if you can provide information that will fill in gaps that currently exist in my record on where the meetings were held, the programme of speakers and posters and the Conference organisers.

I will be contacting you directly towards the end of February with further details of the aim of this project and also a spreadsheet showing what I currently know and do not know of past meetings. Please look at these two items and contact me with any information you think might help. SCAB needs a history!

Mike Hansell

IBAHCM, University of Glasgow, G12 8QQ

Mike.Hansell at glasgow.ac.uk<mailto:Mike.Hansell at glasgow.ac.uk>"

Please forward this message on to any of your colleagues and friends who would be interested in attending or giving a talk at SCAB. I've also attached a conference poster to this e-mail and I would be grateful if you could put it up in your departments (if one is not already up) to advertise the event.
Should you have any further questions you can reply to this e-mail or write directly to raww at st-andrews.ac.uk<mailto:raww at st-andrews.ac.uk> or evg at st-andrews.ac.uk<mailto:evg at st-andrews.ac.uk>

We're looking forward to seeing you all here in St Andrews soon,
Best wishes,
The SCAB Team
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