[Media-watch] Sy Hersh spills... now with URL! -Berkeley.edu - 11 October 2004

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I can be mind-boggling dense at times - here is the url for this post

A very embarrassed and cringing...

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> Long feature, full content is available at URL without registration, also 
> at the URL is a link to a 1 hour 22 minute webcast of the event.
> JA
> ____________
> Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh spills the secrets of the Iraq 
> quagmire and the war on terror
> By Bonnie Azab Powell, NewsCenter | 11 October 2004
> BERKELEY - The Iraq war is not winnable, a secret U.S. military unit has 
> been "disappearing" people since December 2001, and America has no idea 
> how irreparably its torture of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison has damaged its 
> image in the Middle East. These were just a few of the grim pronouncements 
> made by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Seymour "Sy" Hersh 
> to KQED host Michael Krasny before a Berkeley audience on Friday night 
> (Oct. 8).
> The past two years will "go down as one of the classic sort of failures" 
> in history, said the man who has been called the "greatest muckraker of 
> all time" and (paradoxically) the "enfant terrible of journalism for more 
> than 30 years." While Hersh blamed the White House and the Pentagon for 
> the Iraq quagmire and America's besmirched world image, he was stymied by 
> how it all happened. "How could eight or nine neoconservatives come and 
> take charge of this government?" he asked. "They overran the bureaucracy, 
> they overran the Congress, they overran the press, and they overran the 
> military! So you say to yourself, How fragile is this democracy?" ... 
> cut.. full text at URL

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