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A letter from Guantanamo: In full

 Lawyers for the British Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg say they have 
received the first uncensored letter from him in two-and-a-half years.

Mr Begg, 36, is being detained at the US military base without trial. Three 
other Britons also remain there.

The letter, seen by BBC Radio 4's Today programme, claimed he had been 
tortured, threatened with death and kept in solitary confinement.

Below is Mr Begg's letter in full, dated 12 July 2004.




RE: Supplementary Exposition (of Statement dated 5th July, 2004)

I, Moazzam Begg, citizen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain, attributed 
the number 00558 (camp Echo), have felt it necessary to augment, and further 
clarify the above noted statement, and to accentuate my grievances and 

After over two-and-a-half years in the custody of the US military without 
charge, and by extension, without jurisdiction, I have yet to be afforded 
basic rights normally granted under the constitution of the USA, and 
international law.

I therefore demand, unconditionally and irrevocably, that I be released 
immediately and returned to my family and domicile in the UK, together will 
all possessions: including all items and monies confiscated by US/Pakistani 
"agents" from my residence in Pakistan on 31 January 2002.

In the likely event that these demands are outrightly rejected or 
unnecessarily procrastinated, I demand the following rights under US law:-

1. A thorough and peremptory explanation of all statutory rights
available within U.S. legislature, particularly with respect to
foreign nationals.

2. Any and all charges/ allegations be presented unambiguously, and written.

3. Full access to international phone calls in order to communicate
with family and lawyers.

4. Full access to legal representatives of my own choice and appointment.

5. A fully inventoried list detailing all property seized (as mentioned 

6. Regular and timely access to postal communication with family and a
halt to the obscuring and withholding of mail from home.

Wife and children destitute

In addition to the aforementioned rights, I make it known that I expect 
logical and reasonable answers for the following violations and abuses, and 
intend to seek justice and accountability:-

i) The exact purpose for my abduction, kidnapping and false
imprisonment on 31st January 2002, under the auspices of U.S.
intelligence and law enforcement.

ii) Subsequently, what legal jurisdiction they had for taking me
forcibly to Afghanistan.

iii) By what legal authority was property and money confiscated,
leaving my wife and young children destitute and penniless, in their

Solitary confinement

iv) Why I was brought into a designated war zone, and my life put at risk.

v) Why I was physically abused, and degradingly stripped by force,
then paraded in front of several cameras toted by U.S. personnel.

vi) The reason for being held in Bagram detention facility for a year,
and consequently, being denied natural light and fresh food for the

vii) The exact purpose for my incarceration in solitary confinement
since 8th Feb, 2003!

viii) Why all news pertaining to my own situation has been barred from me.

ix) The justification for withholding most of my family mail, and
incongruent obscurance of what little amounts have trickled through -
even from 8 year olds!

x) Why phone calls and legal representation have been continually
denied, despite several reassurances to the contrary.

xi) Why, despite copious requests, I have yet to meet with a chaplain
during all this time.

xii) What was the legality and purpose of extracting my signature on a
statement, in early February 2003, by FBI and CITF agents, under
threats of long term imprisonment, summary trials and execution - all
without legal representation.

Vindictive torture

I state here, unequivocally and for the record, that any documents presented 
to me by US law enforcement agents were signed and initialled under duress, 
thus rendered legally contested in validity.

During several interviews, particularly - though unexclusively - in 
Afghanistan, I was subjected to pernicious threats of torture, actual 
vindictive torture and death threats - amongst other coercively employed 
interrogation techniques. Neither was the presence of legal counsel ever 
produced, or made available.

The said interviews were conducted in an environment of generated fear, 
resonant with terrifying screams of fellow detainees facing similar methods. 
In this atmosphere of severe antipathy towards detainees was the compounded 
use of racially and religiously prejudiced taunts. This culminated, in my 
opinion, with the deaths of
two fellow detainees, at the hands of US military personnel, to which I 
myself was partially witness.

In spite of all the aforementioned cruel and unusual treatment meted out, I 
have maintained a compliant and amicable manner with my captors, and a 
cooperative attitude. My behavioural record is impeccable, yet contrasts 
immensely to what I have experienced, as stated.

Seek justice

I am a law abiding citizen of the UK, and attest vehemently to my innocence, 
before God and the law, of any crime - though none has even been alleged. I 
have neither ever met Usama bin Laden, nor have been a member of Al Qaidah - 
or any synonymous paramilitary organisation, party or group. Neither have I 
engaged in hostile acts against the USA, nor assisted such groups in the 
same - though the opportunity has availed itself many a time, and motive.

Regardless of the outcome of all my appeals to sanity, and protestations 
over the years, I reiterate my intention to seek justice at every possible 
level available to me. It is with that intent that I have prepared 
duplicates of this statement: for the information and use of the authorities 
and courts of justice.

I have requested this document be perused by the camp NCO; the generality of 
its contents be recorded in the Camp log; and forwarded to the appropriate 
intended recipient.



Dated this twelfth day of July, 2004.

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