[Media-watch] Today item on Iraqi defector

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Mon Mar 3 20:29:30 GMT 2003

Just to note that bits of Today are now archived at : http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/today/listen/listen.shtml.  You can search by date to see everything archived on a particular day.

unfortunately the clip from the 28th Feb is not there.


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Don't suppose anyone on this list has access to a transcript from last Friday's Today programme from about 0750? I'd like to see just what coverage they gave to the late Iraqi defector Hussein Kamel and his testimony regarding Iraqi's "weapons of mass destruction". Reliable defector or not, either way recent revelations re: the Kamel debriefing by UN weapons inspectors undermine Bush and Blair. But the story seems to have virtually sunk without trace (though there was a curious little article by Julian Borger in Saturday's Guardian).
Please see the exchange below with Today editor Kevin Marsh......
David Cromwell
Media Lens
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Dear Kevin Marsh, 

The report below [from FAIR, previously posted, and not included here] regarding Iraqi defector Hussein Kamel appears to be crucial regarding Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction - the crux of the case for war, so Bush and Blair tell us.... 

The Today programme picked this up last Friday - a very short item at 0638 between Edward Stourton and defence correspondent Andrew Gilligan. Virtually nothing since then. It surely merits much closer attention. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

(Dr) David Cromwell
co-editor, Media Lens

3 March, 2003
Thanks for this - we did, actually, do rather more than you recall: we also covered the item at 0750 in an interview withou t defence specialist, extracts from the document, and interview with Dan Plesch and an interview with Rolf Ekeus who supervised the original debrief

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