[Face-research-list] looking for sub-Saharan African and Western European face databases

Annelies Vredeveldt anneliesvredeveldt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 12:41:38 GMT 2020

Dear fellow face researchers,

For a project on cross-cultural differences in eyewitness testimony and
identification, my PhD student Gabi de Bruïne and I are looking for
databases of young adult male faces (real, not generated) from amongst
which to select fillers for photo lineups for a black Gambian target and a
white Dutch target. Ideally, we would like to select Gambian fillers and
Dutch fillers, respectively, but I can imagine that would be hard to find.
An alternative option would be to select a range of sub-Saharan African
fillers and a range of Western European fillers, respectively. Does any of
you perhaps know of any databases we could use?

We have already looked at the face databases collected in this Google
and found some Western European faces (some Dutch, Scottish, Danish) and
some sub-Saharan African faces (South African), but not enough of a range
to make the lineup work, particularly for the African target. Any help or
advice would be much appreciated!

Many thanks,

*Dr. Annelies Vredeveldt*
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