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Hi Peter,
Do you think it would come across as stronger if a group of us sent a joint message to our MPs, rather than writing to them as individual researchers? e.g. something along the lines of a paragraph that briefly outlines the evidence that unfamiliar face-matching is fairly unreliable, followed by a list of researchers who support this assertion?
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This message is probably only of relevance to UK-based researchers, though people from other countries may have relevant comments, depending on how you vote.  The UK Government is proposing to introduce a requirement to take photo-id to polling stations in order to vote. Apart from the issue of potentially excluding people who don’t currently have such an id (the most disadvantaged in society, mainly) there is the problem that we know that photo id doesn’t really work. Can I invite UK-based researchers to contact their MPs to explain the evidence that it is not reliable? If enough of us do, they might have a rethink.


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