[Face-research-list] Call for papers: Symposium on face processing and person recognition, International Congress of Applied Psychology, Montreal, QC, June 26-30 2018

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Dear Colleagues,

The Brain and Cognitive Science Section of the Canadian Psychological Association is inviting abstract submissions for a symposium on underlying mechanisms, issues, and potential solutions in the field of face processing and person recognition, as part of the International Congress of Applied Psychology in Montreal, Quebec, June 26-30, 2018. This congress is a collaboration between the International Association of Applied Psychology and the Canadian Psychological Association. Information about the congress can be found here: http://www.icap2018.com/

Each abstract is limited to 250 words, in addition to short descriptions (limited to 50 words) for each of the following sections: Background (Rationale for study/studies), Methods (the general method of the study/studies), Results, Action/Impact (i.e., recommendations from results), and Conclusions.

Abstracts should be emailed directly to Adam Sandford (adam.sandford at guelphhumber.ca). We hope to receive abstracts before Monday November 27th. Speakers in the symposium will be provided $500 (Canadian) to offset costs associated with participating in the symposium.

Feel free to contact Adam Sandford if you have any questions.

With sincere thanks,

-Adam Sandford, Ph.D

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BCS Section Liaison between CPA and International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) - IAAP meeting in Montreal June 26-30 with CPA (http://www.icap2018.com/content/official-icap-2018-website). Find more information about IAAP here (http://iaapsy.org/)
Member, Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science (CSBBCS) - joint CSBBCS and Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) meeting in St. John's, NL July 4-8 (https://csbbcs.org/ocs/index.php/2018/csbbcs2018). Find more information about EPS here (http://eps.ac.uk/)
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