[Face-research-list] PhD opportunity in Lille (North of France) : Expression Recognition "in the wild"

Ioan Marius BILASCO marius.bilasco at univ-lille1.fr
Wed Mar 15 21:43:11 GMT 2017

The FOX research group (http://cristal.univ-lille1.fr/FOX <http://cristal.univ-lille1.fr/FOX>) of CRSItAL laboratory (http://www.cristal.univ-lille.fr <http://www.cristal.univ-lille.fr/>) (UMR CNRS 9189), France, is looking for a promising candidate to work on the field of Human Behavior Analysis  from video under unconstrained settings.

The recognition and prediction of people behaviour from videos are major concerns in the field of computer vision. A specific class of behavior analysis concerning facial expression recognition attracts lot of attention from researchers and industry in various fields.

State of the art solutions work fine in controlled environments were expressions are exaggerated and the head of the subject stay still, but as soon as the subject moves freely and expressions are natural, the performances of existing systems drop in an important manner. This observation is confirmed by performance evaluation conducted on new datasets (such as RECOLA, GEMEP) where the acquisitions conditions are similar to natural interaction settings.

We look for a PHD candidate in order to study and propose algorithms that analyze human behavior from video in unconstrained environments. 
http://sujets-these.lille.inria.fr/details.html?id=a1382de1c76647509ef9e25cc1fcf740 <http://sujets-these.lille.inria.fr/details.html?id=a1382de1c76647509ef9e25cc1fcf740>

== Required expertise

Strong preference will be given to candidates with experience in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition and a good knowledge of written and oral English. Background in motion analysis field would be appreciated.

Applicants are expected to have a strong  background  in Computer  Science. Strong programming skills (C or C++) are a plus. French language skills are not required, English is mandatory.

The thesis shall start October 1st in Lille.

Applications must be sent by email to Prof. Ch. Djeraba  (chabane.djeraba at univ-lille1.fr <mailto:chabane.djeraba at univ-lille1.fr>) and IM Bilasco (marius.bilasco at univ-lille1.fr <mailto:marius.bilasco at univ-lille1.fr> <mailto:marius.bilasco at univ-lille1.fr <mailto:marius.bilasco at univ-lille1.fr>>), Subject: [Phd Position].
They must contain a statement of interest, a CV, a list of publications, if any, and the names of two references.

Please contact the Prof. Ch. Djeraba <chabane.djeraba at univ-lille1.fr <mailto:chabane.djeraba at univ-lille1.fr>> and IM Bilasco (marius.bilasco at univ-lille1.fr <mailto:marius.bilasco at univ-lille1.fr> <mailto:marius.bilasco at univ-lille1.fr <mailto:marius.bilasco at univ-lille1.fr>>) for more informations.

Ioan Marius BILASCO 
MCF Univ Lille 1                            

Centre de Recherche en Image, Signal et Automatique (CRIStAL)
Équipe FOX - Groupe IMAGE
Bureau 336, Bât M3 Ext 
Cité Scientifique
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex - France   

mailto:2emePrenom.Nom at univ-lille1.fr <mailto:2emePrenom.Nom at lifl.fr>
http://www.cristal.univ-lille.fr/~bilasco <http://www.lifl.fr/~bilasco>
phone: (+33) (0)3 3 20 43 41 88 / 3 62 53 15 84
fax:   (+33) (0)3 28 77 85 37 

Trust in CNRS's certificates: http://igc.services.cnrs.fr/Doc/General/trust.html <http://igc.services.cnrs.fr/Doc/General/trust.html>

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