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Dear all

I hope you don't mind me forwarding this query from a friend of mine who is a Sleep Clinical Physiologist. If anyone can answers her query that would be great.

Do you know if there is a standard system which can be used to measure an individual’s facial profile, either manually or using software? Our medical photography team take photos annually of patients using non-invasive ventilation, who may experience facial changes related to mask use, and we want to find a way to quantify any changes over time. There are patients where we can subjectively see a change, but we’re looking to find a way to assess this objectively.

Looking in the literature, we can’t find anything for measuring points on the face - there are lots of papers measuring skull landmarks on cephalometric x-rays, but we’re looking for something we can do from photos to avoid irradiating patients if we can!

It sounds like the sort of thing that must already exist, but we can’t seem to find it. I wondered if there might be anything that you use in the facial recognition field that we might be able to apply?

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