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Peter Hancock p.j.b.hancock at stir.ac.uk
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Dear all, apologies if you regard this as noise, but I decided to send on this post from a fellow academic, though I cropped out the relevant faces to save bandwidth. There may be some facial comparison experts on the list who would like to have a look.  My approach would be wisdom of the crowds, since there can never be certainty.

Dear face-research group,

Please forgive this unsolicited note. An academic colleague at UCL thought you might be able to advise with regard to the two women in the attached pictures? Whether the woman standing to the left of the seated man in uniform (looking at the picture) is the same person as the married woman in the other image?

I hope you don't mind my writing but it would be reassuring to know. The married woman in the twosome is Edith Thompson. My book on her was published by Hamish Hamilton and Penguin in 1988 / 1990, and again in 2001. I am currently working on a digital database about the case and the 1920s. The photograph of the threesome derives from her younger brother's estate but does not identify any of the people in it.

If it turned out that the young woman in the threesome is indeed Edith Thompson, assuming that it is possible to have any kind of near-certainty in face recognition, that would throw a valuable light on her tragically short life; and possibly open up a new area of research.

Thank you for bearing with me and apologies again for thus trespassing on your time. I will of course fully understand if you are too busy to deal with this query.

Best wishes,

René Weis  <r.weis at ucl.ac.uk>

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