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Mon Sep 7 16:44:25 BST 2015

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cognitive and Neural Modeling of Visual Cognition
Department of Psychology at Vanderbilt

We are eagerly seeking postdoctoral fellows to join NIH- and NSF-funded projects developing and testing cognitive and neural models of visual cognition.

The range of possible projects is broad and varied, with research aimed at developing and testing computational models of perceptual decision making, visual memory and categorization, and face and object recognition. One line of research aims to model how these change with learning and expertise. Another aims to link cognitive models with neural measures and neural models. In addition to working with the lab PI, Thomas Palmeri, fellows can have opportunities to collaborate with Isabel Gauthier, Gordon Logan, Jeffrey Schall, and other faculty at Vanderbilt. Collaborative opportunities are also possible with members of the Perceptual Expertise Network (gauthier.psy.vanderbilt.edu/pen/ <http://gauthier.psy.vanderbilt.edu/pen/>) and the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center (tdlc.ucsd.edu <http://tdlc.ucsd.edu/>). See the CatLab web site (catlab.psy.vanderbilt.edu <http://catlab.psy.vanderbilt.edu/>) for descriptions of current projects and links to recent publications. 

Research facilities include computer workstations, laboratory behavioral testing stations, web-based infrastructure for online experiments, eye trackers, and a shared 6000-core / 500TB compute cluster at Vanderbilt’s ACCRE. Postdoctoral fellows will also take advantage of the facilities and support provided by the Department of Psychology (www.vanderbilt.edu/psychological_sciences/ <http://www.vanderbilt.edu/psychological_sciences/>), the Vanderbilt Vision Research Center (my.vanderbilt.edu/vvrc/ <http://my.vanderbilt.edu/vvrc/>), and the Center for Integrative and Cognitive Neuroscience (cicn.vanderbilt.edu <http://cicn.vanderbilt.edu/>).

Candidates can hold a Ph.D. in psychology, neuroscience, computer science, mathematics, engineering, or related disciplines. Candidates should have demonstrated skills in computer programming and statistical analyses; some background in computational modeling is strongly desired, some knowledge of Bayesian approaches is also desired. Start date is negotiable, but preference will be given to candidates who can begin within six months. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as they arrive. Salary will be based on NIH postdoctoral scale. Applicants should send a cover letter with a brief research statement, a CV, and names and email addresses of three references to thomas.j.palmeri at vanderbilt.edu <mailto:thomas.j.palmeri at vanderbilt.edu>.

Thomas Palmeri
Department of Psychology
Vanderbilt Vision Research Center
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37240
thomas.j.palmeri at vanderbilt.edu <mailto:thomas.j.palmeri at vanderbilt.edu> 
catlab.psy.vanderbilt.edu <http://catlab.psy.vanderbilt.edu/>
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