[Face-research-list] Paper on Parent-Offspring Resemblance Problem - Computer Vision

Afshin Dehghan adehghan at cs.ucf.edu
Mon Jun 9 19:08:00 BST 2014

Hi Everyone,

I'm sending this email to let you know that our recent work "Who do I look
Like? Determining Parent-offpsring resemblance via Gated-autoencoder" is
accepted for publication in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Conference in Columbus, Oh. In this paper, we look into the
parent-offspring problem from computer perspective, propose new deep
learning approach and try to answer 4 key questions that have been of
interest in other fields, e.g anthropologies.

1. Do children resemble their parents?
2. Do children resemble on parent more than the other?
3. What facial features are more genetic?
4. Do anthropological studies help computers making a better decision?

Here is the link to that paper and 1 min spotlight video:
Paper :



Afshin Dehghan
Ph.D. Student, CS
Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV), UCF
http://crcv.ucf.edu/ <http://vision.eecs.ucf.edu/people/afshin/>

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