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Dear All

Save the Date !!!!!  20th March 2013....

The following seminar will feature talks relevant to face perception researchers .......

One day workshop: Visual attention, gaze behaviour and eye tracking to explore cognition and behaviour in neuro-developmental disorders

On Wednesday 20th March 2013 there will be a one day workshop which will discuss issues related to trhe study of visual attention, gaze behaviour and the use of eye tracking methods to explore typicality / atypicality of cognition and behaviour in neuro-developmental disorders. The seminar will be held in the School of Psychology, Newcastle University.

This workshop is part of a seminar series entitled 'Neuro-developmental disorders: Exploring sensitive methods of assessment across development'  which explores recent findings in neurodevelopmental disorders, with a particular focus on 1) the new research tools and methods used, 2) discussion of the wider applicability of these new tools and methods across different neurodevelopmental disorders, 3) identifying future challenges or controversies when studying neurodevelopmental disorders using a developmental approach.

The seminar series hopes to bring together specialists and established researchers as well as post-graduates, post-doctoral researchers and early career researchers in neurodevelopmental disorders. The first workshop of the series, held in June 2012 at Kingston University, was very successful in meeting our aims. We enjoyed an exciting day of talks, which generated some very interesting discussion. The second workshop promises to be equally engaging and i being held at the Institute of Education on 11th January 2013. The seminar I am email about is the third and final in the series.

The series is sponsored by the British Psychological Society and the Williams syndrome Foundation UK and is being organised by Dr Jo van Herwegen, Dr Emily Farran and Dr Debbie Riby.

Confirmed speakers, and titles of presentations:

Dr Mary Hanley (Queens University Belfast) Gaze behaviour to faces in Autism and Williams syndrome

Dr John Swettenham (UCL) Attention and Gaze in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Biological Motion and Perceptual Capacity

Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson (Edinburgh University) Eye tracking in infancy: looking for early signs of autism and atypical development

Professor Letitia Naigles (UNiversity of Conneticut) Preferential looking reveals both strengths and weaknesses in the language development of children with autism

Dr Marco Hessels (University of Geneva) Eye movement registration evidences construct validity in dynamic assessments: People with intellectual disabilities can reason by analogy, but you have to tell them to do so.

Miss Hayley Mace (CEREBRA, Birmingham University) Eye tracking to explore spontaneous emotion discrimination and face processing in ASD, Fragile X syndrome, Cornelia de Lange syndrome and Rubinstein Taybi syndrome

More information about the seminar series can be obtained from:

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