[Face-research-list] Google Scholar pages

Andy Young andy.young at york.ac.uk
Fri Mar 30 09:36:57 BST 2012

Hi everyone,

Some of you may not know that a few months ago Google Scholar introduced a
facility that lets you create a personal page where you can list your
publications and track citations.  Like ResearcherID.com, but it covers a
wider range of sources (e.g. books and chapters as well as journals) and
offers citation alerts and so on.

See the explanatory URL:

I've already found this useful for a range of reasons.  For example, it's
a simpler way of finding out what someone has done than a literature
search, it allows you to follow what former students and colleagues are up
to, you can create alerts for when someone whose work interests you
publishes a paper, or for when a key paper you're interested in gets
cited.  I also used it to create pages for Hadyn Ellis and Freda Newcombe,
which may be helpful to anyone who is interested in where current
cognitive and neuropsychological approaches came from.

The downside seems to be that searching the content isn't very effective
at the moment.  For example, the keywords 'face perception', 'face
recognition' and 'face processing' will find different sets of people. 
But since Google is behind this, I'm guessing this will be improved.


Andy Young.

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