[Face-research-list] validation of social perception measures on the web

Laura Germine lgermine at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Aug 3 03:14:42 BST 2012

As so many of you are doing web experiments or interested in web
experiments, I thought I'd share our recent paper comparing data from web
and lab samples for different measures including face and emotion

Germine, L., Nakayama, K., Duchaine, B.C., Chabris, C.F., Chatterjee, G., &
Wilmer, J.B. (in press). Is the web as good as the lab? Comparable findings
from Web and lab in cognitive/perceptual experiments. *Psychonomic Bulletin
& Review.*  <http://www.lauragermine.org/articles/germine_pbr2012.pdf>

Essentially we find comparable means, standard deviations, and internal
reliability for web and lab-based samples on these tests.  We hope it'll be
a resource for other researchers who are thinking about using web-based
methods and those who want to address reviewer skepticism about web methods
for face recognition research.

Please let me know if you have questions.




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