[Face-research-list] Special Issue to celebrate 25 years of the Bruce and Young model

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Wed Oct 19 09:20:56 BST 2011

Dear all - can I draw your attention to the latest issue of the British Journal of Psychology, which is a Special Issue entitled:

Person Perception 25 years after Bruce and Young (1986).

Here is a link to the issue:

I have listed the contents below.

Mike Burton

British Journal of Psychology, November 2011:  Special Issue Contents

Person perception 25 years after Bruce and Young (1986): An introduction (pages 695–703)
Stefan R. Schweinberger and A. Mike Burton

Speechreading and the Bruce–Young model of face recognition: Early findings and recent developments (pages 704–710)
Ruth Campbell

Understanding Voice Perception (pages 711–725)
Pascal Belin, Patricia E. G. Bestelmeyer, Marianne Latinus and Rebecca Watson

The neural processing of familiar and unfamiliar faces: A review and synopsis (pages 726–747)
Vaidehi Natu and Alice J. O’Toole

Neural correlates of adaptation to voice identity (pages 748–764)
Stefan R. Schweinberger, Christian Walther, Romi Zäske and Gyula Kovács

Multiple contributions to priming effects for familiar faces: Analyses with backward masking and event-related potentials (pages 765–782)
Peggy Dörr, Grit Herzmann and Werner Sommer

The role of eyes in early face processing: A rapid adaptation study of the inversion effect (pages 783–798)
Dan Nemrodov and Roxane J. Itier

Insights into the development of face recognition mechanisms revealed by face aftereffects (pages 799–815)
Linda Jeffery and Gillian Rhodes

Age biases in face processing: The effects of experience across development (pages 816–829)
Viola Macchi Cassia

Neural mechanisms of the automatic processing of emotional information from faces and voices (pages 830–848)
Thomas Straube, Martin Mothes-Lasch and Wolfgang H. R. Miltner

The face and person perception: Insights from social cognition (pages 849–867)
Kimberly A. Quinn and C. Neil Macrae

When it matters how you pronounce it: The influence of regional accents on job interview outcome (pages 868–883)
Tamara Rakić, Melanie C. Steffens and Amélie Mummendey

The role of name labels in the formation of face representations in event-related potentials (pages 884–898)
Iris Gordon and James W. Tanaka

The structure of semantic person memory: Evidence from semantic priming in person recognition (pages 899–914)
Holger Wiese

An appreciation of Bruce and Young's (1986) serial stage model of face naming after 25 years (pages 915–930)
J. Richard Hanley

The effect of motion at encoding and retrieval for same- and other-race face recognition (pages 931–942)
Natalie Butcher, Karen Lander, Hui Fang and Nick Costen

Mental representations of familiar faces (pages 943–958)
A. Mike Burton, Rob Jenkins and Stefan R. Schweinberger

Understanding person perception (pages 959–974)
Andrew W. Young and Vicki Bruce

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