[Face-research-list] Set of moving faces displaying facial expressions of emotion

Michał Olszanowski molszanowski at swps.edu.pl
Tue Nov 22 10:41:32 GMT 2011


Some time ago we've created Warsaw Set of Dynamic Facial Expression - based
on Warsaw Set of Emotional Facial Expression Pictures (WSEFEP). Movies are
morphed picture frames, captured during photo sessions (photo camera was
taking 5 frames per second, so basically we used around 6-7frames to create
movie). As far as I remember there are 4 displayers, each with 5 expressions
(anger, joy, disgust, fear, surprise).

Here you can download a sample: www.emotional-face.org/mov/sample.avi. If
you'd need more please contact me, so I'll send you the rest.

Michal Olszanowski

Michal Olszanowski, PhD.
Warsaw School of Social Sciences & Humanities
Faculty of Psychology, Cognitive Psychology Department
Chodakowska Street 19/31, PL - 03815 Warsaw
www.swps.pl, www.emotional-face.org

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Dear all,

My name is Lydia Whitaker and I am a PhD student at the University of Essex.
I wondered if anyone knows of or has access to a stimuli set of moving faces
that are displaying facial expressions of emotion? If so would anyone be
willing to let me have access to their stimuli set or point me in the right

Many thanks for any help you can give me.

Lydia Whitaker

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