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nicola.jones nicola.jones at northumbria.ac.uk
Fri Mar 11 15:33:49 GMT 2011

Hi all, 


I think this list is a great idea; thanks for letting me join it!


Just a quick introduction...I worked with Debbie Riby as a research
assistant 2 years ago looking at attention to faces in Williams
Syndrome. I recently completed my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the
University of York where for my dissertation I looked at the
representation of shape and texture of faces in the brain, supervised by
Tim Andrews. I am just starting a PhD at Northumbria University looking
at neurocognitive performance in Type 2 diabetes, looking particularly
at the role of glycaemic control and task difficulty on recognition


I am in the initial stages of planning for my very first experiment and
am looking for a face image database of at least 100 different faces
(male and female, neutral expressions) which are high resolution,
frontal view colour photographs. I have looked through several databases
but they either do not have enough photos or the quality is not great.
If anyone has access to a set or could point me in the right direction,
I would be most grateful.


Thanks and best wishes to all,




Cognition & Communication Research Centre
NB155 Northumberland Building

Northumberland Road
Northumbria University
Newcastle Upon-Tyne

Email: nicola.jones at northumbria.ac.uk


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