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Christian Wallraven wallraven at korea.ac.kr
Wed Mar 2 06:57:07 GMT 2011

Dear all,

first off, thanks to Peter for getting things going - I think this list is a great idea!

Also, I like the webpage suggestion and would be more than happy to create and host it. We can make a public and a private version of the page, so that contact details are only available to list subscribers. As for the content, I would envision a collection of links (e.g., labs, databases) as well as the member profiles. The profiles should be searchable and sortable and possibly might contain affiliation, bio, research interests, and key bibliography. 
Of course, the final format is up to the list to decide :) - I am happy to help set up this resource...

As for my background, I graduated from the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics working on computer vision & face recognition under the supervision of Heinrich Bülthoff. Together with my colleague Christoph Dahl, I also did a few studies comparing macaque and human face perception recently, which might be of interest to some on the list. My current interests lie in perception of facial expressions, comparing human and computer face recognition performance, as well as multi-sensory face recognition.

Best regards from Korea and hoping for a lively list


Christian Wallraven
Cognitive Systems Lab
Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Engineering
Korea University
email: wallraven at korea.ac.kr
web: cogsys.korea.ac.kr

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