[BERG] BERG this week Wednesday 6th November (3A94) at 5:30pm

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Mon Nov 4 08:58:36 GMT 2019

Dear BERGers,

Kristine Gandia will be providing us some enlightenment this week in the form of her talk entitled: Do circadian rhythms impact animal welfare in zoos? (abstract below).

The meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th November in the Psychology department common room (3A94) at 5:30pm with drinks and nibbles provided.

The most up to date schedule is available on Box for details of talks and for information on dates where BERG is not running (here: https://stir.box.com/s/skboejxqbtg8b52aiadnzi07tv0nrsog).<https://stir.box.com/s/skboejxqbtg8b52aiadnzi07tv0nrsog>?

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Do circadian rhythms impact animal welfare in zoos?

Circadian rhythms dictate the timing of behaviours and physiological processes; optimizing energy efficiency, synchronizing social behaviours, and enhancing overall health. Circadian rhythmicity may be disrupted in a zoo environment as a consequence of light pollution, husbandry practices, and latitudinal seasonality. In my talk I discuss the potential causes and effects of disruption to circadian rhythms in a zoo and how these issues could possibly be addressed.

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