[BERG] BERG Meeting - Wednesday 6th March 2019

Deborah Bruce deborah.bruce at stir.ac.uk
Mon Mar 4 15:38:14 GMT 2019

Dear BERGers,

This week at BERG our speaker is Sharon Kessler who will be giving the following talk:

Mouse lemurs to phylogenetic trees: Towards a comparative understanding of vocal signatures

Much research has been done on how vocalizations may convey information about the caller, including individual identity and kin group affiliations. This talk covers some of my previous work on mouse lemur vocal signatures and how that led me to begin asking questions about how vocal signatures evolve across clades.


Our meeting is at the usual time and venue: 5.30 p.m. in the Common Room (3A94), with drinks and nibbles as always.

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An up to date copy of our schedule can be found at: https://stir.app.box.com/file/379199974874

See you all on Wednesday.

Best Wishes,
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