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Hi BERG people,
All you primate / evol psychology people  might want to consider registering and submitting a paper or poster presentation for the upcoming PSGB meeting at the Powell-Cotton Museum.
The place alone is worth a visit as it contains a huge number of (dead) apes and endangered African primates (no, they are not endangered because they were shot in the 1900s but it didn’t help). Lots of type specimens too!
Best wishes

From: Ellie Donnelly <drelliedonnelly at gmail.com>
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Subject: Call for submissions: PSGB Spring Meeting April 2019

Hi Phyllis,

My name is Ellie Donnelly and I am the student representative for PSGB. I recognise your name from PSGB conferences hence why I've picked you to email. I realise it's a busy time of year, so apologies, but I am hoping you can help.

The student organising the Spring conference in April is really struggling with low submissions for poster and oral presentations and as the student representative I have volunteered to help actively encourage submissions from universities and other institutions by basically emailing someone in the relevant department at each University and asking them to distribute the below email to the relevant mailing lists at each one! I've noticed we don't have a student representative at Stirling, so no emails have probably been sent round the relevant mailing list/s there

I would be really grateful if you could send out this new one I've done to the relevant mailing lists at Stirling to encourage students to submit! As you know, It's a great opportunity for them to present. (Also I'm aware that Kent is literally the other end of the UK, but it's worth a shot, right?!)

Many thanks


Dear students and staff,
My name is Ellie Donnelly and I am the student representative of the Primate Society of Great Britain. The society is dedicated to advancing the conservation of primates in the wild, ensuring the highest possible standards of care and welfare for captive primates and advancing research into all areas of primatology and related fields. Our members come from a wide variety of disciplines including conservation and captive care, comparative cognition and communication, osteology, veterinary medicine, genetics and ethno-primatology.
Following on from our extremely successful Winter Meeting at Bristol Zoo, our Spring Meeting is being held at the Powell-Cotton Museum on 8th and 9th April 2019.  The theme for this conference is Primate Health, Captive Care and Conservation. All researchers regardless of career stage are encouraged to submit an abstract for a presentation at the meeting, but I am writing as we particularly wish to encourage students and those from allied professions involved in captive primate care to apply to present. The PSGB has a reputation of being a small, very friendly and inclusive society so please do not feel shy about presenting your work.
The Spring meeting has a very broad theme, which has been deliberately chosen to allow as many people from different disciplines as possible to present. Your research is more than likely to fit one of these categories.
Submissions are open for 15 minute oral presentations, 5 minute oral speed presentations and poster presentations, so you can present your research at a level and in a manner in which you are comfortable. The submission deadline of Friday 15th February is fast approaching but the full presentation does not have to be complete by then - just the outline in an abstract submission form on our website. You have plenty of time after that to perfect your talk or poster! In addition, the work you present does not have to refer to a completed project. We welcome the submission of preliminary findings, pilot studies or even proposed project plans. Alternatively, you may have presented your work elsewhere, but this meeting provides an opportunity to reach a different audience.
You have nothing to lose and only valuable experience to gain. We will also be giving out prizes for the best student/trainee poster and oral presentation. Presenting and/or winning prizes at a national conference, whether as a poster or orally, looks great on your CV or training record!
If you simply wish to attend the conference and support or watch others presenting, we welcome meeting registrations from members and non-members alike. Becoming a student/trainee member only costs £15 and is more than covered by the discount on ticket price it gives.
The deadline for ‘early bird’ discounted tickets for attendance is Friday 1st March. Our last meeting was sold out by the Early Bird deadline, so please don’t forget to book early to ensure a place!
Please find the links below for further information on the conference and to purchase tickets:
You can follow PSGB student on twitter https://twitter.com/psgbstudent and facebook https://www.facebook.com/PSGBPhD/
Please do email any queries about presenting to the conference organiser Jaimie.morris at canterbury.ac.uk.or<mailto:Jaimie.morris at canterbury.ac.uk.or> any other queries to myself at student at psgb.org<mailto:student at psgb.org>
Many thanks and happy submitting!
Ellie Donnelly
PSGB Student representative
MAPhD student
Durham University
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