[BERG] BERG: 3rd October 2018

Gemma MacKintosh gemma.mackintosh1 at stir.ac.uk
Mon Oct 1 15:39:11 BST 2018

?Hello BERGers!

This week we will have a short talk from Sarah Jackson, who will be presenting her exciting research topic,  'The development of phobias through first memories of canine interactions'.

As usual, we will be meeting in 3A94 at 5:30pm.

As some of you already know, Paxton is leaving us on Friday to start his exciting new post as Lecturer of Evolutionary Psychology at Northampton University. To celebrate his new position (and commiserate his departure) Francesca has invited us all to share a few drinks at Meadowpark, after Sarah's talk. Please feel free to come along!

All the best,
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