[BERG] BERG 14th November

Gemma Mackintosh gemma.mackintosh1 at stir.ac.uk
Mon Nov 12 16:17:22 GMT 2018

Hello, All!

This week, we have Deborah Bruce giving a talk titled "A Journey Down the Crow Road"

Here is a short blurb to spark your interest:
A growing body of research suggests that Corvids may in fact be "Feathered Apes", as some of their cognitive abilities appear to be comparable with that of some primates. While studies have been conducted with Ravens, Rooks and Jays, Carrion crows have received very little attention. Much of corvid cognitive research is conducted in captive settings, with very little evidence from the field. The aim of my research project is to take the "Lab to the Field", with a series of paradigms designed to examine physical cognition. My talk will give a brief outline of my proposed studies along with  an overview of the feasibility study I've been conducting on campus over the last year.

As usual, BERG will start at 5:30pm in the common room - all welcome!

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???See you soon!

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