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Paxton Culpepper p.d.culpepper at stir.ac.uk
Mon Feb 12 13:28:55 GMT 2018

Dear BERG folks,

In light of the fact that this Wednesday is Valentine's Day and many people will be spending the evening with their partner (or partners - see the evolution of polygamy), I think it's best that we cancel BERG this week. Also, we could not arrange for a speaker this week, which may be due to the same reason. However, I will be adding an extra BERG talk slot to the end of the BERG calendar (April 18th) to make up for this lost week. Anyone interested in this added slot please contact me directly.

Next week (Feb 21st) is mid-semester break so we will not be convening for that week either. But, we will be back for Wednesday Feb 28th to enjoy Jade Hooper's talk. I will make the necessary announcement for her talk at the beginning of that week. From that week on we will be enjoying the BERG talks weekly, uninterrupted until April 18th.

Until Feb 28th, have a happy Valentine's Day and a relaxing yet fruitful mid-semester break. Please contact me anytime with any BERG-related questions.

Kind regards,


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