[BERG] This week's BERG: Dr Liz Renner will be discussing hominin brain size evolution!

Paxton Culpepper p.d.culpepper at stir.ac.uk
Tue Feb 6 16:11:35 GMT 2018

Dear BERGers,

This Wednesday (Feb 7thth) we have Dr Liz Renner giving a talk entitled: Pattern and process in hominin brain size evolution.

Brief blurb:

Human brain evolution is a hotly debated topic in palaeoanthropology. How should patterns of brain size change through time be characterised? I describe a study in which fossil hominin brain size was evaluated via the proxy of endocranial volume. Six models of evolution were evaluated, including punctuated equilibrium, gradualism, and stasis. Results will be discussed in the context of the existing literature and debates.

We look forward to seeing you at 5:30pm sharp! Munchies and drinks provided.

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