[BERG] St Andrews Seminar Programme - Semester 1

Hannah Buchanan-Smith h.m.buchanan-smith at stir.ac.uk
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Please see attached the St Andrews seminar series ( at 1pm on Fridays in the Old Library of the Psychology Building, St Mary's Quad, South Street, St Andrews), including talks by

29th September 2017

Fumihiro Kano (University of Oxford)
Eye tracking uncovered great apes' ability to anticipate other
individuals' actions

20th October 2017

Dr Takeo Sasaki (University of Oxford)
Social learning and cumulative cultural evolution in the homing pigeon (Columba livia) and the rock ant (Temnothorax albipennis)

17th November 2017

Professor Josep Call (University of St Andrews)
Are apes intuitive statisticians?

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Dear SPRGers, at least those in striking distance and time of St Andrews -
Our coming seminar programme has at least three talks that may interest several of you - note new lunchtime time slot - there is usually an associated meal with the speaker sometime like the Friday evening - best wishes - Andy

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