[BERG] This week's BERG: Lesley Craig discussing attitudes towards great ape conservation

Donna Kean d.e.kean1 at stir.ac.uk
Mon Dec 11 11:45:16 GMT 2017

Dear BERGers,

For our final BERG of the semester we have Lesley Craig giving a talk entitled:

Impact of Interpretation on Attitudes to Great Ape Conservation and Welfare.

Research has examined the impact of zoo interpretation (enclosure design and signage) on visitor perception and attitudes, however, there has been less consideration of the potential impact of the form of information provided, in terms of type of context and contextual framing. Previous research suggests that as social animals, human beings are more interested in social relationships than physical information (Dunbar, 2011). There has been no research investigating whether providing information regarding non-human primate social behaviour in interpretation impacts visitor attitudes to conservation.

This talk will be dedicated to the life of Blossom (pictured) who sadly passed away recently and is greatly missed.

[cid:image001.png at 01D37275.8042ADF0]

There will be drinks and nibbles, and we will be going for drinks/food afterwards at No 2 Baker Street in town – all welcome! Looking forward to seeing you all.

Best wishes,

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