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?Hi All,

At last week's BERG meeting we decided that this Wednesday (27th) we would discuss some recent research on vocal learning in the Edinburgh chimpanzees. To facilitate this discussion I am now circulating the original paper on this study, a published critique, and the response to this critique by the original authors. I am looking forward to a really great discussion!

On Wednesday we also discussed some conferences that may be of interest to BERG members (many taking place locally).

Here is a summary:

SCAB: Details of the Scottish Conference for Animal Behaviour will be circulated when a date has been set, but this will be held in Stirling this year. This conference is student focussed and is a great place to get feedback on projects that are ongoing, in planning stages, etc.

ISHE: The biannual conference of the International Society for Human Ethology is also in Stirling this August. We will announce deadlines for abstract submissions when these are known but keep an eye on this website for more information: http://ishe.org/conferences-and-summer-institutes/

ESC: The European Student Conference on Behaviour and Cognition is in St. Andrews this March (17th-18th). More information can be found here (https://esc2016standrews.wordpress.com/); deadline for abstracts for student talks is the 1st of February.

EHBEA: The annual conference of the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association is in London from 5th-8th April. The deadline for abstract submissions has passed, but they provide student travel bursaries even if not presenting; website here: http://ehbea.com/conference2016/

ASAB: The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour is having their Easter meeting at Aberystwth University, 30th March- 1st April. This conference is aimed at postgraduates and post-docs, so a great opportunity for early career researchers to present their work. Abstract deadline is March 9th: http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/ibers/events/asab2016/

PSGB: The Primate Society of Great Britain is also hosting their Easter meeting at the end of March in York. More information here: http://www.psgb.org/meetings.php

UFAW: Hannah has already circulated information on the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare conference in June, but here is a reminder: http://www.ufaw.org.uk/ufaw-events/recent-advances-v

I hope that some of this will be helpful.

All the best,

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