[BERG] Request from Jim Anderson: Pictures of primates responding to death

Christine Caldwell c.a.caldwell at stir.ac.uk
Wed Nov 25 16:24:59 GMT 2015

Dear all,

I'm passing on a request from our former colleague Jim Anderson (see below), who is looking for any pictures of primates with dead conspecifics.  If you have anything suitable, please send them on to Jim asap! (best address to get hold of him is: jra6655 at googlemail.com).
Many thanks,


An unlikely request: I wonder if anybody in BERG has a picture of a monkey or ape responding to a dead conspecific (infant or mature)...  I'm correcting the proofs of an invited Q&A article for Current Biology on "death and dying," and at the last minute the ultimate owners of the two pictures I was going to use (a Japanese female macaque and her dead infant) have withdrawn permission to publish them! This means I have to replace them - urgently - with something else that is relevant.

Any chance you could circulate this to BERG staff just in case somebody has something usable? Full acknowledgement to be given, of course... but it is quite urgent.


Best regards,


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