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Kristin Descovich kristin.descovich at stir.ac.uk
Mon Mar 23 14:50:37 GMT 2015

Dear BERGers,

This Wednesday we will have Deborah Bruce presenting on "Observational learning in African grey parrots". The capacity for vocal imitation in this parrot species is unparalleled, however little is known about their capability for observational learning. Deborah is going to examine recent evidence from a group of African Greys on imitative and emulative forms of observational learning during an artificial fruit paradigm.

As usual, we will meet in room 3A94 (Psychology common room) at 5:30pm, and will have drinks and nibbles available. For details on upcoming BERG seminars please visit: www.stir.ac.uk/natural-sciences/research/seminars/psychology/berg-seminars<http://www.stir.ac.uk/natural-sciences/research/seminars/psychology/berg-seminars>.

I hope to see you all on Wednesday night!

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