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Recent advances in animal welfare science IV

UFAW Animal Welfare Conference

York Merchant Adventurers' Hall, 26th June 2014

The field of animal welfare is a cross-disciplinary area of study that seeks to offer guidance and find solutions to the challenges raised by our caring for and interactions with both kept and wild animals. As part of its on-going commitment to improving animal welfare through increased scientific understanding of animals' needs and how these can be met, UFAW is holding the fourth of a series of one day conferences on 'Recent advances in animal welfare science' on 26th June 2014.

Programme details:
The following speakers will be contributing talks to the conference:

·         Bickell SL and D Blache (The University of Western Australia, Australia)

Stock-handling training improves sheep behaviour, stress and productivity

·         Burn CC (The Royal Veterinary College, UK)

Why are some animal welfare problems perceived as 'normal'?

·         de Haas EN,  JE Bolhuis, B Kemp and TB Rodenburg (Wageningen University and University of Groningen, The Netherlands; Institute National de Recherche, Nouzilly, France)

Consistent differences in behaviour and stress sensitivity in brown and white type laying hens requests a custom-made approach to improve bird welfare

·         Di Martino G, W McCormick, F Buniolo, G Berto, F Agnoletti and L Bonfanti (Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie, Italy; Moulton College, UK)

The effect of stocking density and feed formulation on the behaviour, health and growth of meat rabbits

·         Dixon LM, I Dunn, S Brocklehurst, V Sandilands, M Bateson, T Boswell, B Tolkamp, P Wilson and RB D'Eath (Scotland's Rural College, University of Edinburgh, Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland and University of Newcastle, UK)

New measures of hunger in broiler breeder chickens

·         Friend TH, WR Binion and JA Haberman (Texas A&M University, USA)

The use of reflective films to improve the comfort of dairy calves during hot and cold weather

·         Hall LE, S Robinson and HM Buchanan-Smith (University of Stirling and AstraZeneca, UK)

Refining oral gavage: Assessing and improving welfare in the laboratory-housed dog

·         Henry S, M Hausberger, C Fureix and M Bateson (Université de Rennes1, France; University of Guelph, Canada; Newcastle University, UK)

Do horses with poor welfare show "pessimistic" cognitive biases?

·         Jacobs L, E Delezie, L Duchateau, X Gellynck, K Goethals, E Lambrecht, J Viaene and FAM Tuyttens (The Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Ghent University, Belgium)

The welfare of broiler chickens during transport to slaughter plants

·         McLennan KM, J Littlemore and W McCormick (University of Cambridge and Moulton College, UK)

The effects of a dynamic group system on the social bonds of dairy cattle

·         O'Neill DG, DB Church, PD McGreevy, PC Thomson and DC Brodbelt (The Royal Veterinary College, UK; University of Sydney, Australia)

Post-Bateson: have pedigree dogs become exposed?

·         Ortolani A, J Gonggrijp, R Putman and F Ohl (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Assessing dog welfare: A new perspective

·         Paranhos da Costa MJR, LC Magalhães Silva, LP Silva and MFM Guimarães (Universidade Estadual Paulista, Brazil)

Effects of good practices of handling on the welfare of dairy calves

·         Tribe A, A Bouchon-Small and M Torregrosa Rocabado (University of Queensland, Australia)

Wildlife rehabilitation in Queensland

In addition, there will be a poster session during the lunch break which will feature over 60 presentations.

Further details, including the full programme of speakers and a registration form, can be found on the UFAW website http://www.ufaw.org.uk/recent%20advances%20york%202014.html. Registration is from 8.30, with talks starting at 9.20 and ending at 17.30.

Other details:
UFAW intends these regular conferences provides a forum at which the broad community of scientists, veterinarians and others concerned with animal welfare can come together to share knowledge and practice, discuss advances and exchange ideas and views. As part of UFAW's commitment to providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and to ensure that the meeting is accessible to widest range of those with an interest in animal welfare, the registration fee to attend this conference is kept low, this time at £28. Note: This price includes refreshments but delegates will need to make their own arrangements for lunch.

The conference is being held in York, in the medieval Merchant Adventurers' Hall<http://www.theyorkcompany.co.uk/>, Fossgate YO1 9XD, UK. Located next to the pedestrianised centre of York and built in 1357, the timbered Hall and Undercroft make up one of the best preserved medieval Guild Halls in the world.

Background to UFAW:
UFAW, the International Animal Welfare Science Society, is an independent, scientific and educational animal welfare charity. The organization promotes high standards of welfare for farm, companion, laboratory and captive wild animals and those with which we interact in the wild.

Any questions about the conference should be directed to:
Dr Stephen Wickens, Development Officer, UFAW, The Old School, Brewhouse Hill, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, AL4 8AN, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1582 831818; Fax: +44 (0) 1582 831414; Website: www.ufaw.org.uk<http://www.ufaw.org.uk>; Email: wickens at ufaw.org.uk<mailto:wickens at ufaw.org.uk>

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